Welcome to Outstanding in their Field, a podcast that celebrates the people who grow food and those who teach about it.

About the Podcast

Will and Katie love podcasts. They love getting enveloped in a story, being inspired by a personal journey, and most of all, they love learning something new. Both are directors of their state Agriculture in the Classroom programs – Will fearlessly leading the Iowa Agriculture Literacy Foundation, and Katie in the east with New York Agriculture in the Classroom. While they only see one another in person a few times a year, when they get together they are constantly talking about what they are listening to and what they wish they had in their podcast app.

This led to the collaboration bringing you Outstanding in their Field. Combining their two passions of education and agriculture, this podcast hopes to bring your equal parts information and inspiration. Each episode will feature an incredible teacher bringing agriculture and food systems into their classroom, and a farmer or agriculture professional telling their story of our food industry. Touching on technology, challenges, changes to food and consumers, and the opportunities in agriculture – this podcast will give you a new perspective on why farmers and teachers do what they do. We can’t wait to talk to you about the people who are outstanding in their field.


Guest Host and Editing